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We deliver training programs across the globe and specialize in the business cultures of:
Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East.

"In a borderless world, the understanding of cultural differences in any cross-border business interaction determines whether the differences will become a negative force or the catalyst for successful collaboration"

What is Cultural agility? It is an individual’s capability to manage culturally diverse settings, having the knowledge, skills, and abilities that enable detecting, assimilating, reasoning and acting on cultural cues appropriately.

In today's global world, your success is dependent on being able to maximize global business interactions with multi-cultural stakeholders and learning skills to bridge cultural gaps.

Working globally, you need to learn to communicate in a culturally appropriate manner, to understand the decision making and negotiation styles of the individuals you are doing business with.

Cross-cultural training is relevant to R & D teams working cross-border, maximizing overseas customer-business relations, communicating with international branches, investors, international suppliers, and more.

Having cultural agility enables you to build long-lasting business relationships based on mutual trust and by interacting in a culturally appropriate manner.

Our training program is tailored to meet your needs and which help you to reach your global goals. We recognize that every organization and every sector is different. We know how to improve your business performance and you know where your knowledge gaps are in your organization. Working together, we can deliver high-quality training which brings about real mindset and operational change.

Why us: We bring over 24 years of combined global experience. Culture is in our DNA having lived, worked, and experienced the culture from the ground up in U.S., Europe, Scandinavia, and Israel. Furthermore, we are part of a global consortium of cross-cultural experts and have developed a proven methodology for teaching cultural agility for acquiring a global mindset when working globally.


  • Do my employees recognize and respect the differences in the business culture of the country we are working with and know how to work with those clients effectively?
  • Do I understand the non-verbal communication cues of my colleagues in the country we are working with and the importance of those cues?
  • Do I understand the meaning of "professionalism" in the local culture and know how to interact with it, so they see us as professionals according to their national standards?
  • Has my organization been able to penetrate the specified market, effectively and productively in order to meet our bottom line expectations?
  • Is flexibility, creativity and innovation the culture of my team? 
  • Do I and my team understand the critical importance of feeling comfortable and competent with our English communication and presentation skills, so that we can gain the edge against our competition, and inspire total confidence in the people we are pitching and working with? 


To give you the bottom line business edge:

  • Acquire a global mindset
  • Conduct effective business meetings and impactful negotiations
  • Perfect your presentation skills and speak English with confidence
  • Understand the cultural specifics of the market where you are either planning on or already doing business
  • Increase your sales ROI
  • Improved Time to Market
  • Build long-term business relationships
  • Build culturally competent teams
  • Create an impactful sales pitch taking into consideration the culture of the specific market


Our training solutions are not a formula

We do not have a one-type-of-training-fits-all approach. We don't fit you into the same box as everyone else with already created materials. We individualize our training to the person, the group, the industry, and the marketplace. We work with our clients to understand the best learning style for this individual group and their needs in the marketplace. In other words, we work hard to make this work for you

Our cultural awareness training programs are aimed at people who work cross-border with contacts from a broad range of different countries and need to develop a general understanding of how cultural differences impact cross-border business activities.

Training programs cover a wide range of business-related topics such as:

  • Different meeting styles
  • Attitudes to contracts 
  • Decision-making processes
  • Communication styles
  • Negotiation styles
  • Marketing approaches
  • Diversity & Inclusion Training
  • Customer Success Training

Courses are designed to be practical and of immediate value to clients in their day-to-day business activities.

Adjustment of needs:

All our training is preceded by 1X1 assessment interviews with designated individuals in your organization to anchor the understating of the needs and the goals that your organization wants to achieve through the training process.

Country specific training

These cultural awareness training programs focus on exploring the cultural approach to business found in a specific country or a specific region.

The programs are beneficial to people working with a client in a particular country or when interfacing with colleagues in the head office or a subsidiary company. Many of our clients have found these country-specific courses extremely helpful post-border mergers and acquisition initiatives.

A cultural awareness interactive presentation:

A 75-90-minute interactive presentation with a focus on target markets.
Benefits: The participants will increase their cultural awareness and understand the main values that drive the behavior of the target cultures.
Number of participants: No limit

Comprehensive Workshop:

A half-day or full-day dynamic workshop to be held face-to-face or online at the client's convenience.
The workshop includes an adjustment of needs evaluation (see below) in-depth understanding of cultural values, tools, skills, case studies, role play, simulations, and implementation to work seamlessly in target cultures.
Number of Participants: No more than 20

Cultural Management Consulting:

All consulting sessions are individual and focus on preparing the client for specific interaction in the target market and include the following:

  • Conceptual consulting for intercultural integration after an M&A or an organizational related change.
  • Executive cultural coaching for leadership or management teams.
  • Pitch preparation and storytelling
  • Presentation building, business meetings/negotiations preparation, practicing small-talk and e-mail writing etiquette.


All training and consulting can be delivered in Hebrew or English.

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