Global Communication Skills



When Chinese, American, and Israeli businesspeople meet for lunch, the Chinese may say yes but mean no, the Israeli may speak in commands, and the American may respond with "That's very interesting." They all speak English, but do they understand each other?

“Imagine a world where every word you speak creates an impact.”

86% of professionals (Salesforce) cite ineffective communication as the cause of workplace failures. The inability to connect, communicate, and drive collaborative action can lead to the loss of potential investors and loss of trust within organizations, which can cost millions.

Most people think they communicate well, but in essence, few do. Successful communication begins with a mindset and awareness of what works and with which audience. It's not about doing what you already know but about learning and implementing what you didn't know you needed.

Navigating the Complexities of Cross-Cultural Communication Interactions

While English might be the primary language in global communication, speaking fluent English doesn't make you an effective cross-cultural communicator.

The intricacies of working on a global scale demand a deeper understanding of the cultural nuances and norms, from body language to the correct use of intonation, as well as how to call to action; each country and culture works differently, and slight subtleties can mean a world of difference in the ability to succeed on a global scale.

The Common Problems in Cross-Cultural Communication:

  1. Differences in communication style that impact how your message is understood.
  2. Difficulty in differentiating the message between direct and non-direct communication styles.
  3. Applying active listening skills when communicating globally.
  4. Saving face vs. losing face
  5. Managing cross-cultural conflicts.

Our training process provides you with the following:

  1. Practical tools for effective communication with your colleagues, customers, investors, and suppliers.
  2. Learn to understand the communication style of your target market.
  3. Build lasting, trust-based connections through impactful communication.
  4. Develop culturally sensitive and emphatic communication skills.

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