Global Negotiation skills



Join us for a one-day workshop using Harvard negotiation simulations.

Have you faced a situation where your negotiation process was stuck due to not understanding the other side’s intention?
You are not alone - welcome to the world of global negotiations.

Global negotiations are rife with challenges as diverse groups come together to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. That said, when negotiating across borders, cultural differences such as language, differing values, philosophies, and perceptions remain indisputable factors.

Workshop objectives:

  • Provide your teams with skills to succeed in high-level complex business transactions.
  • Learn to build a strategic approach to global negotiation situations.
  • Understand on/off table negotiations.
  • Learn how to overcome cultural barriers in the negotiation process.
  • Learn to adjust and refine negotiation strategy when negotiating with stakeholders from other cultures.

Benefits of the workshop:

  • Develop and improve new negotiation skills which will contribute to long-term growth.
  • Through practice-oriented simulations your team will excel in the 3-D negotiation approach.
  • Participants will learn to manage cross-cultural negotiations through communicating effectively and building long lasting sustainable business relationships.

“In business as in life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.”


Gilad Neumann: Gilad is an attorney and a recognized leader in negotiation and, dispute resolution with a 20-year track record of negotiating complex, multilayer, global, and cross-cultural transactions, Gilad coaches graduate students in the Negotiation Clinic of the Negotiation Collaboratory at Harvard Kennedy School. Gilad holds an MBA and Certificate in DR, a master’s in public administration and a Certificate in Management, Leadership, and Decision Sciences, both from Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Arona Maskil - Founder of TrainingCQ, with over 25 years of experience in U.S., Israeli and global business consulting. Arona works with local and international organizations in various sectors of the industry to build cultural agility. Arona is a certified global business trainer for "Dwellworks”, a U.S. global mobility organization, and a representative of "Culture Compass”, an international cross-cultural training organization. Arona holds a master’s in behavioral sciences and is a certified group coach facilitator.

Anat Galler - Founder of TrainingCQ, a senior cross-cultural consultant with over 20 years of experience in training, lecturing, and consulting with local and international organizations in various sectors of the industry. Anat is an expert in cross-cultural communication, building global teams, and leading virtual multi-cultural teams. Anat helps organizations to build cohesive and productive remote, hybrid and global teams. Anat holds a master’s in organizational psychology and a certificate in Conflict Resolution.

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