E-Learning to Boost Cross-Cultural Business

If your organization does business with North America, the Middle East, Asia, or Europe TrainingCQ can help improve the performance of your staff.



Become an expert in global business culture

The key to international business success is knowledge. To work effectively across different cultures and countries you need to have the skills and information to navigate complex modern commercial environments.

Global Business Compass is packed with essential global culture-specific training, video masterclasses and resources to get you quickly up to speed so you can take your international relationships, career and business results to the next level.

A unique and innovative cultural awareness e-learning platform.
This online learning tool provides courses and insight on different approaches to business in over 40 major global economies. All you need to access this critical information is a one-year subscription.

What's in it for you

  • Benefit #1: Accessibility – Learn from anywhere, 24/7
  • Benefit #4: Actionable – Apply acquired knowledge now
  • Benefit #3: Abundance – Access a wealth of information in multiple formats
  • Benefit #2: Assessment – Assess staff learning progress in real-time
  • Benefit #5: All-encompassing – A single one-year subscription provides access to all employees
  • Benefit #6: Affordable – Access to the platform is priced according to the number of employees

What's included

  • Interactive online course on global culture essentials
  • Video masterclasses on effective cross-border collaboration
  • Country-specific online training programs
  • Country-specific culture guides
  • Country-specific fact sheets
  • Cultural awareness blogs
  • Enriched actualized content

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